Sundays at Christ Church              

  • 8.30am Holy Eucharist  – followed by morning tea.    

Fifth Sundays

    Where there is a 5th Sunday in the month; only one main service is held at Christ Church. This allows us to get together as a parish, and celebrate as a Parish Family. This service is held at 8.30am and usually we use a liturgy from other parts of the Anglican Communion. Usually there is lunch at the Rectory on these Sundays, where all are invited to join in.


  • 10.30am   Holy Communion – Book of Common Prayer (no hymns)

First and third Sundays at St Peter’s, Bendolba                

  • 5.00pm  Holy Eucharist 

Sundays at St John’s, Clarence Town                

  • First and Third Sundays of the month
  • 9.30am  Morning Prayer
  • Second and Fourth Sundays of the month
  • 10.30am  Holy Eucharist (morning tea before the service)